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Earn Extra Cash by Sending Us Referrals!

Sellers - Send us the telephone number and property address for every For Sale By Owner or vacant house you can find. Or if you know someone who has a house for sale, send us their information. If we buy the house we'll pay you $1,000.00!

Buyers - Send us the name and telephone number of anyone you know looking to buy or lease-option a home. If we strike a deal with the buyer, we'll pay you $500.00!

Rolling Billboards - Place one of our auto-magnets on your car and do nothing else. When someone calls in on your unique number and we buy their property, we send you a check for $1000. Only requirement is that car looks presentable. 1973 Pintos need not apply.

Call us at 858-699-0461 for details


Earn Extra Cash Working Part Time

We are always looking for motivated individuals that are looking to earn some extra income by doing some part-time work for us. It is up to you how much you could earn. But we have opportunities in the following areas:

Placing Signs: This is a great opportunity for those that want to just work an hour or two per week and possibly make a lot of money. We typically have several types of signs that we need to get out. First, after we purchase a property, we need to find our buyer.makes sense, right? If we have a property close to your area, we would need signs put out trying to find our buyer who is looking to buy, lease purchase, or have us provide owner financing. The great thing is that you would get paid $1000 not only if they purchase our existing property but any other home from us in the future.

Also, there are signs that we need to get out promoting our services. Stick close to your neighborhood, post signs on your job route, wherever. Again, $1000 will be paid for any deal that we close based on your signs.

Spanish Speakers: Mi espanol is muy mal. That is the result of 4 years of high school Spanish in upstate New York. We are looking for bilingual speakers to assist us on transactions. We would need you "on call" based on your schedule to do callbacks with Spanish speakers and meet with potential sellers and buyers. We could set this up either on a hourly basis or if people are more ambitious we could set you up on more of a commission structure.

Property Babysitters: We occasionally come across the need for some assistance in showing and looking after properties. We typically would want to find a caretaker who lives close by. Duties would include walking thru property end of every day to make sure property is clean and locked up, coordinating access for properties that we can not just put on lockbox, providing access to inspectors/handymen, restocking flyers, etc.

Doorknockers: Not for everyone but highest potential for big dollars. We can provide you a list of prospects within your area. These are typically properties heading to foreclosure. We can provide some initial training on scripts, etc. Because of the nature of the work, we are willing to pay more for this type of work because we want to find people that are good at doing this and keep them busy. We will pay 10% of the gross profit for any transaction, which would typically be between $2K and $5K per deal.

Birddogs: For people who are actively out looking for deals within their area, we also pay 10% of the gross profit for any transaction. We just require that the birddog complete some basic steps of the due diligence. Great way to learn the process while earning good money.

Outbound Callers: We will provide you with list of phone numbers to call. These could be For Sale by Owners or returning phone calls from people that have already called on our advertising. We will provide you the script for the calls, with what information we need. We can train you on what to look for. We will pay you $1000 for any property that closes. Work from home and make as few or as many calls as you prefer. Understand that this is a numbers game and the more calls you make, the more money you can potentially make. It sometimes takes 100 phone calls to get a really good deal. Sometimes it only takes 50. Sometimes you get it on the first never know. But if you consistently do calls, the money surely will follow!

Runners: This is our catch all category. We may have a need for a "jack of all trades" to do various tasks that could include: recording documents at County recorder, putting/removing lockboxes on properties, restocking flyers on property signs, etc. $15 per hour.

Click here to send us an email. Let us know what areas interest you, the best way to reach you and someone will get back to you. Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope we can start paying you soon !








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